I tweet mostly about science using

the most popular  140-characters tool.


These are some of the guys I follow:


  Johnatan Eisen ( @phylogenomics )

  Metagenomics, open access science, PLOS


  Titus Brown (@ctitusbrown)

  Metagenomics assembly, bright and funny guy


  RichardDawkins (@RichardDawkins)

  Brilliant evolutionary biologist, great speaker


  Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson)

  Brilliant scientist and science advocate






I love capturing pictures from my family life as well as landscapes. And luckily for me, British Columbia provides me plenty of beaches and mountains.


    Digital photography school (many great tutorials and classes)

    Wired magazine photography section




    Ars technica, The art of technology

    Lifehacker, Tips, tricks and downloads to get things done

    Wired magazine , The first word on how ideas change the world




    Technabob, Gadgets, gear, gaming and geek stuff

    XKCD, A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language

    Reddit, The frontpage of the internet